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With SmartCall, you can identify incoming calls and text messages from numbers that are not in your contacts. In addition, SmartCall also facilitate you to find the existence of public services facilities wherever you are.

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See who's calling

See the true identity of each incoming call — landlines, mobile, or pre-paid — even if the number isn’t stored as a contact.

Block unwanted calls

Never deal with telemarketers or robocalls again. Get instant access to top spammers in your area, allowing you to screen and block all unwanted incoming calls.

Protects your phone number

SmartCall will protects you from spam, so you can connect with people you know and trust. With over 2 billion numbers in our global network, you’ll get the results you want and the protection you deserve.

Public Services Facilities

Search the Nearest Public Services Facilities

By using smart call, it’s can inform you about the nearest location of public services. Not only shows the distance and location, but also accompanied by the telephone number, so it’s makes you easier to contact the public services.

Help you in the Emergency Conditions

These features can be help you in an emergency conditions. When you need help in an emergency, use this feature to find the nearest location of public services that you want.

Help You to arrive your destination easier

Making easier to arrive for your destinations with the map features. It’s can guide you to show the right way if you don’t familiar with the location.

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